Jul 9, 2009

Too Many to Remember

Oh it must have been some time since I last logged in here to write. I guess I've been to preoccupied with work and there has been days when I just couldn't be bothered to log in. I really need to write down in a little notebook my usernames, passwords for my various accounts online. Since the inception of PCs and technology, seems that our mind is always making a little room for log in names, passwords, for our internet accounts, bank atms, purchase id codes and even more. With emails, facebook, msn, yahoo, photobucket, blogs, there are too many to keep remembering and I get so confused! Anyone has this problem?

Some accounts let us use just alphabetical letters, some requires numerics, some mix, some we need to remember our usernames, passwords... bla bla the list goes on..

My hubby's pc has a finger print scanner but he says it's troublesome.. even startups for handphones can be prompted with passwords! oooooooooo

Mar 3, 2009

UK Clothing Online

Many men I know would escape shopping with their partners. They want shopping but they also want to shop instead of hanging around in stores full of women's clothing and carrying their girlfriends hand bags..

Some of these men, wait for their other half to shop for them. Many of my friends make shopping trips all the way to the UK to get brands that are popular like Jack & Jones and French Connection because it is hard to get these in Asia such as Hong Kong and Australia. That can be rather expensive, flying halfway across the globe shopping. It is not too hard to get trendy and high fashion brands online at all.

You can buy cool tops like my partner's favourite Fenchurch from Divine Trash. So for the men, you don't have to get your partners to buy you clothes all the time. Shop them online anytime when you are at home or in the office. Surprise your girlfriends with something nice too. Divine Trash carries men and women's clothing at very reasonable price.