Dec 12, 2008


Parents worry about their children who live away from home when they are being sent to further their education. It is far and they are alone to fend for themselves. I've heard of how some students pay through their nose for a reasonable apartment that is safe and furnished with the basic needs. In UK, Pickard is a respectable student accommodation in leeds that had been voted No. 1 Landlord for its excellent reputation and for providing the needs of local and foreign students. This survey is being ranked by students who have completed the Leeds University Union survey as an objective to recognize quality and genuine landlords and with 40 years of experience in letting good quality homes, Pickard took the No. 1 spot.

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Julie said...

It is great when you can find quality companies for student accommodation. When my daughter started at University I used James Laurence estate agents to help find a flat for my daughter and her friends, and it was a really nice one too.