Dec 2, 2008


There aren't many cars on the road lately. Some of my colleagues have decided to switch to riding motocycles because they find that maintenance for a car is more expensive and also it was because of the fuel hikes months back.

When a friend dropped by my place, I was stunned to see how beautiful he had managed to put together, parts of motorcycles to make it looks so glamourous. He advised me to surf online for information on motorcycles and also different parts available based on the bikes' requirements. He even bought the helmet online and it is the most beautiful thing that I've seen, and not what you can get in those bike retails. His birthday is coming up, perhaps I should shop for one of those hip looking jackets from the website Cruiser Customizing. This website sells everything and parts motorcycle enthusiasts look for such as windshields, wheels and tires, books, catalogs and more.

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