Dec 3, 2008


We always shop around looking for the best bargains for clothes and big ticket items. The reason is of course to save money. Many Americans, do not shop around as much when they buy their eyeglasses. However, many people who do not wear prescriptive glasses do own a pair of sunshades. Most of these eyeglasses and shades cost a lot. For those who needs to wear prescription glasses, they have no idea how cheap these items can be because retail shops sell them at a standard market price of at least $70 and above.

But lately, there is an online store that has tongues wagging about cheap prescription glasses. Yes, it is unbelievable because it is not easy to find eyeglasses as low as $8 for a pair! But at Zenni Optical, it is so true. You just have to find it out yourself. It was also been mentioned on a recent article from the Chicago Tribune.

The secret behind Zenni's low price is because they manufacture the frames right out of their own factory. And they also have many range of designs, colours, styles and even eyewear for all ages. If you require goggles, they can provide you one too. Selling direct to their customers without advertising budget and middlemen comission, they pass on their savings by keeping their eyeglasses at a low price.

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