Dec 12, 2008


The recent news about the 22 men who were charged over child pornography was deserving. Investigation on these Australians showed these men sharing images over the internet. They contained some of the worst images and as many as 500,000 images of child abuse and 15,000 videos have been seized. It was terrible when some of the pictures showed the victims that were as young as 12 months old!

According to the Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan, there will be more arrests to be expected this week. For possessing child abuse material, charges could result in a 10 year prison sentence. These information and investigation is the great teamwork of international policing network Interpol.

Great work fellas!


Parents worry about their children who live away from home when they are being sent to further their education. It is far and they are alone to fend for themselves. I've heard of how some students pay through their nose for a reasonable apartment that is safe and furnished with the basic needs. In UK, Pickard is a respectable student accommodation in leeds that had been voted No. 1 Landlord for its excellent reputation and for providing the needs of local and foreign students. This survey is being ranked by students who have completed the Leeds University Union survey as an objective to recognize quality and genuine landlords and with 40 years of experience in letting good quality homes, Pickard took the No. 1 spot.


With the global economy downturn, many employees are now taking their chance to upgrade themselves. Some companies have seminars while some send their staff for short term course to uprade their skills. This should prove helpful so that when the economy and business picks up, one will be ready for a more competitive market and armed with more knowledge.

Education is highly stressed nowadays. It is an ongoing process and many of these who continue to pursue their education are not just youths but they form a large number of middle aged and those who already have families. Some of them include those who undergo a career change in their mid life while some is doing it for upgrading for betterment of their career.

Dec 10, 2008


I know of few good employers who sets aside a few jobs to help out those who may have some criminal records to help them get back into society and lead a normal life. Those who have been employed sometimes do not revealed everything about themselves for fear of being outcasted by those who work alongside with them. And there may be some who may have held some important information about their criminal history from employers. If you have doubts or would like to review more about any particular person, you can actually access records of prison inmates by using the Prison Inmate Locator. It is simple to use, just by keying in the name, approximate age and few other information to check on inmates' record.


Did you know that Green Tea is now a phenomenon? Besides for drinking, many cosmetics and products are using Green Tea as part of their properties after research shows that it has many benefits.

Since the olden days, the chinese and japanese knew the benefits of green tea for health. In the ancient china as far back as 4000 years ago, it was believed that it helped to relieve headaches and depression. Green tea also has very little amount of caffeine, compared with Black Tea and Coffee. Caffeine in tea sometimes cause certain people insomnia, nausea and frequent urination.

Some of the benefits of Green Tea:

Treatment and prevention of cancer
Stop Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases
Increase metabolisom
Increase fat oxidation
Reduce risk of heart diseases
Treat rheumatoid arthritis
Reduce risk of esophageal cancer
Lowers total cholesterol levels

Dec 9, 2008


Sometimes when I am busy with my household chores and cooking, the kids demand attention too. That create some havoc and madness at home. And when I am not, the kids are busy playing their Video Games without the slightest idea that I am around. The advantage is that, it leaves me some time to surf the net and do some bloghopping. On the net, you get so much information even right up to products, services or looking for the right spelling in a dictionary. Review King is one site that sets you up with the right information, honest reviews and just about anything you are looking for. Right now, I would be looking for ways on how to make money online.

Dec 8, 2008


I love pizzas. My kids do too. And each time I make a pizza, i have to use sundried tomatoes which makes the pizzas just so tasty. Unless I run out of it then I use the bottled tomato paste.

Have you tried making your own Sundried Tomatoes? Okay, firstly YES you can make your own Sundried Tomatoes, using a microwave oven. Also you can get them more instant than to sun it outdoors.

Here's what you need.

14 large tomatoes (ripe ones), Sometimes i get them cheaper because ripe ones are usually at sale price!
seasoning salt (lemon salt is nice)

Rinse the tomatoes, and cut them lengthwise. Scoop out the insides that has the seeds with a spoon. Season with salt. Microwave uncovered for 15 minutes.

Pour away the excess liquid and turn the tomatoes over, and microwave again for 15 mins.

Remove from microwave and let it cool for half hour. Store them immediately in a zip lock bag and chill in the fridge.

If you find it too troublesome to use the microwave, you can do the same with a convection oven too. Yields similar results.

Dec 5, 2008


I've been reading up on making cup cakes out of the ice cream cones. Here is a simple recipe that you can make using packaged cake mix. I intend to try it out using my own chocolate cake mix but if you are worried that it may be wasteful because the cone turns soggy, try the packaged mix until you are confident enough.

Here is what I usually do. I pre-filled the cone with just about half of the batter. This way, the cake mix is not overflowing when it rises when baked. If there are too much cake batter, it tends to leak during baking and cause your cones to be little soggy. Make your own chocolate mud cakes and fill 'em up with ice cream at the top.

Here is a simple recipe that you might like to try.

1 (18.25 ounce) package yellow cake mix
1 (16 ounce) package vanilla frosting
1 ounce colored candy sprinkles

Prepare cake mix batter according to directions, or make any standard cake recipe batter (i.e. white, chocolate, etc.).
Place flat-bottomed ice cream cones in the cups of a regular muffin pan. Pour enough batter into each cone to fill from 1/2 to 2/3 full.
Bake at time and temperature as recommended for cupcakes. After they have cooled, frost with your favorite canned or home-prepared frosting recipe. Decorate with sprinkles or other decorations of your choice.

Dec 4, 2008


With the increased price on dairy products, parents struggle to meet the daily requirements for baby's needs. Everything has gone up and we pay more for everything from milk, diapers, medical, baby's accessories to even services.

Baby's milk takes up a large portion of parents' spending and there are many brands available in the market. We want to have the best for baby of course. We should read the labels carefully, especially the nutritional labels so that the milk formula we buy should always meet the strictest guidelines that is determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Parent's Choice Formula is one that not only meets these requirements, but it also has a selection of infant milk such as Sensitive formula, Organic formula, Lactose-free formula and more. Parent's Choice Formula is designed to meet each baby's digestion needs for growing up. You can sign up for a sample or read up everything you need to know about their different formulas.

In Walmart, Parent's Choice Formula is available at an affordable price yet not compromising standards and quality. So the next time when you shop at Walmart, pick up one for you baby.

Dec 3, 2008


I just had a chat with a friend. She has her cooking blogs all registered with FoodBuzz and asked me to do the same. I am still considering. What kind of blog determines if our food blog is good to be in FoodBuzz? Are there any criteria for it? Does it have to be a blog with recipes, a blog that recommends food outlets or anything like that? What does it do if I were to register it. Do they publicize my blog there or do I have to submit my food recipes?

What if you have a low traffic. I think i have to read about it before I register.


We always shop around looking for the best bargains for clothes and big ticket items. The reason is of course to save money. Many Americans, do not shop around as much when they buy their eyeglasses. However, many people who do not wear prescriptive glasses do own a pair of sunshades. Most of these eyeglasses and shades cost a lot. For those who needs to wear prescription glasses, they have no idea how cheap these items can be because retail shops sell them at a standard market price of at least $70 and above.

But lately, there is an online store that has tongues wagging about cheap prescription glasses. Yes, it is unbelievable because it is not easy to find eyeglasses as low as $8 for a pair! But at Zenni Optical, it is so true. You just have to find it out yourself. It was also been mentioned on a recent article from the Chicago Tribune.

The secret behind Zenni's low price is because they manufacture the frames right out of their own factory. And they also have many range of designs, colours, styles and even eyewear for all ages. If you require goggles, they can provide you one too. Selling direct to their customers without advertising budget and middlemen comission, they pass on their savings by keeping their eyeglasses at a low price.


I first tried Caramel Apples when I went to a fair in school. It was the most delicious snack I've ever had. The one I had used green apples. Since then, I've been looking for the perfect Caramel Apples but till today I've yet to find one that taste as close as the one at the fair. Perhaps it is the Caramel or perhaps it is the combination of both the fresh apples and caramel. It was juicy, sweet and the caramel is not as gooey and does not really stick so much into your teeth.

I have this recipe that I've tried and the kids enjoy.

A Cup of Butter
2 Cups of brown sugar
A cup light corn syrup
A Can of Condensed Milk
2 Tsp Vanilla
Wooden Sticks
8-10 apples (red or green)

Insert wooden sticks into the apple.

In a saucepan, combine butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and milk.
Bring to boil over med high heat. Cook them about 3-=40 minutes or if you have a thermometer that reads 248 deg, its perfect.

Remove from heat and add Vanilla.

Dip the apples one by one into the hot caramel and coat it by turning round. Set the caramel apples on wax paper to cool down. Butter the paper with butter if you want to prevent it from sticking.

Dec 2, 2008


There aren't many cars on the road lately. Some of my colleagues have decided to switch to riding motocycles because they find that maintenance for a car is more expensive and also it was because of the fuel hikes months back.

When a friend dropped by my place, I was stunned to see how beautiful he had managed to put together, parts of motorcycles to make it looks so glamourous. He advised me to surf online for information on motorcycles and also different parts available based on the bikes' requirements. He even bought the helmet online and it is the most beautiful thing that I've seen, and not what you can get in those bike retails. His birthday is coming up, perhaps I should shop for one of those hip looking jackets from the website Cruiser Customizing. This website sells everything and parts motorcycle enthusiasts look for such as windshields, wheels and tires, books, catalogs and more.


Christmas Season is in! What are you planning? This year, I feel a little lazy. Not quite in the mood and I'm not sure if I will bake or make any cookies. I thought of just buying just enough for the kids. But I surfed into Nestle website and saw this Gingerbread cookie. The picture looks nice and the recipe seems easy but then it requires the use of Nestle TOLL House Gingerbread Tub Cookie Dough. I've not tried something like that before. I guess it takes away some of the kneading.
But the picture's perfect. If you want, hope to to get some nice recipes.

Dec 1, 2008


There are so many variants of curry. Some are simply cooked using curry powder and some use pastes available in supermarkets. You need to make your own adjustments for your own taste preferance.

I found this recipe that is as good as from scratch but needs some work. But the recipe i have here is simple and should be easy to follow. After the first time cooking this, you should be able to judge how much chilly, how salty or the flavour you want for you next try.

Curry Chicken

# 1 chicken (about 600g), cut into bite-size pieces
# 300g potatoes, parboiled and cut into halves
# 2 1/2 cups coconut milk
# 3-4 tbsp chilli boh
# 3 tbsp coriander (ketumbar) powder
# 1/2 tsp aniseed (jintan manis) powder
# 1/2 tsp cumin (jintan putih) powder
# 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
# 1 cube belacan, toasted and pounded
# 2 stalks lemongrass (serai), smashed
# 1 sprig curry leaves
# 1 piece cinnamon stick(kayu manis), about 3cm
# 1 piece star anise
# 4 cloves
# salt and sugar to taste

(Pound these ingredients):
# 2 candlenut (buah keras)
# 10 shallots
# 5 cloves garlic

Heat an earthen pot with four tablespoons oil. Saute the pounded ingredients, serai and curry leaves. Add in the rest of the ingredients and stir well. Mix in two tablespoons coconut milk and blend well.

Add in the chicken pieces and mix well. Pour in half a cup of coconut milk and stir well. Bring to a boil. Add in the rest of the coconut milk and simmer till the chicken is cooked. Add in the potatoes. Add pati santan and blend well. Bring to a boil gently. Add seasoning.

Close the lid for a while to allow the oil to rise to the top. Serve with rice.