Nov 9, 2008


Have you ever tried Baked Chicken coated with cornflake cereal? I got these receipe from the Kellogg's website and it has been a favourite receipe since. It is actually very easy to prepare and the result is simply delicious too. Forget breadcrumbs, use cornflake!

7-8 cups of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and crushed to about about 2 cups of corn crumbed flakes.
1 egg medium
1 cup of milk
1 cup flour
salt and pepper to taste
Chicken Drumsticks, rinsed and dried with paper towel
4 tablespoons of margarine

Place the crushed cornflake in a shallow pan. In a mixing bowl, beat together egg and milk. Add the flour and seasoning. Mix the batter well. Dip your drumsticks into the batter and coat it with cereal all over evenly. Place it in a baking pan that has been lined with wax paper or oiled slightly. Bake it at medium heat until the chicken is tender. You may like to turn it if you think it cooks better this way.

No oil splashes and simple, right? You can try it on chicken fillets if you like to have a healthy part of the chicken instead of the drum.