Sep 18, 2008


I tried this and it's great! Did you know that Strawberries and Cream not only is it delicious as a healthy snack but it's good on your face too! This is a great homemade recipe for your face and it really makes it glow. Brightens up your skin. Try it once every 10 days. But instead of using cream, which is really expensive, you can substitute it with milk.

You will need about 2 ounces of strawberry for a cup of milk in this homemade recipe. In a small mixing bowl, mash the strawberries and the milk until it is mixed and mushy. Using a fine sieve, strain it till it become a puree. Using cotton ball, pat it on your face and leave it there for about 10 minutes. It is cooling and refreshing. Rinse your face after that. Left overs can be refrigerated for future use.

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