Sep 10, 2008


I always have this problem with my cheeses. When the kids open the whole cheese, they usually leave some part of it opened and it leaves a hard edge forming at the sides. When it happens, those hard part gets thrown away and waste of a good chunk of cheese. Here is a handy tip that I learnt from a friend. You can actually rub the cheese with a little butter before storing and it prevents this hard edge forming.

Also I love to shred them from a large chunk instead of buying the pre shredded ones. To do it easily, I usually let it sit in the freezer for about 40 minutes. This way, it also doesn't stick on my grater and easier to wash too.

A very common question about testing the freshness of the egg. How do you know if it is fresh? In fruits, we look for shiny and smooth. But in eggs, it is the total opposite! Smooth and shiney eggs are not fresh but the rough and chalky ones are. So remember to look for the ugly looking ones to ensure it is fresh!

The other way to test freshness is the place it in a cold salted water. If it sinks it is definitely fresh. Old eggs floats up.

Cooked eggs in it's shell will not wobble when spinned. It will be turning a smooth spin.

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