Sep 17, 2008


Do you know how to make meatballs in an easy way and also one that is almost same in size or weight? Some uses those parisian scoop but what I do is, roll your meatball in to a long roll. Then cut them up into same thickness. When you are done, just roll them into meat ball shape!

Bacon that is rinsed in cold water before frying actually reduces shrinkage by almost 50%. Also it helps you to cut down on the salt content for a more healthier bacon.

Lemon and lime are great way to marinate your meat to make it tender. Vinegar is also a good choice. Such method will take about 2-4 hours of marinating. Is there a faster way of getting a tender piece of meat? Yes! You can try using kiwi. Mash or juice it and substitute it with the lemon, lime or even vinegar. And how long does it take? Only about half and hour! Last choice will be the tenderizer powder though I'd rather use fruits.

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