Sep 2, 2008


In the posts of life expectancies, I posted information about floorings mostly. Here are some information for electrical appliances that you see in a normal household. If you are looking for a long term usage, quality is very important. Stretching the cost of the item over a certain no of years will let you gage how much your appliances will cost, per year.

A clothes dryer can last up to 14 years if it is being maintained regularly. Your washing machine is usually used often and will be good if it can last till it reaches 12 years of age. However these days, some do not even last more than 7 years, due to abuse and overloading. If you use a microwave oven, it might last you about 10 years. My National microwave machine is with me for 15 years now! I used it often especially in the last 8 years because I sterilised baby's bottle in a microwavable sterilizer. And I'm not complaining, yet.

A dishwasher should not really be used that much, actually. I'm more for green living.. it uses up lots of water and electricity. It can take you through about 10 years, well maintained.

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