Sep 10, 2008


Sometimes after a party, we have too much food. When the guests leave, we have so much leftovers. What should one do with it then. Most foods can be kept to a maximum of three to four days. To lengthen these time, the best thing to do is to pack them into clean dry containers and freeze them straight away. Smaller portions means you do not have to take out so much for each setting and throw them away because defrosted cooked food can cause food poisoning.

Always check for any spoilage. Sourish smell indicates the food is good to be thrown away. Keep the mean leftovers in portions so that it can be used as part of a salad meal, just add fresh lettuce and other vegetables.

Otherwise you can also take them out, thaw it and give it a good stir fry. Chinese love to put all the leftovers and boil them into a pot filled with lots of Salted mustard and boil it for a while. They call it Chop Suey.

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