Sep 9, 2008


Is there any secret lotion to get perfect beautiful skin? This is something that leaves alot to be desired. I have read many books and skin care and I can only gather that the best solution is to control what you put into your mouth. Not only if you control your diet, then you get a beautiful glowing skin, your health and figure definitely improves too. Nutritions like vitamin are what keeps our body healthy and if you do not pop foods that are good for the body, how can we have a healthy skin and a healthy body.

Fruits are one of the best solutions for a healthy body and skin. The vitamins, the fibre, natural sugars, and all the properties that help you cleanse your system or detoxify it. It is the most natural foods and untainted by preservatives and seasoning like meats and processed foods.

Think about it. To look healthy, eat healthy. You are what you eat, as the saying goes.

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