Sep 2, 2008


Do you wardrobe smell stale if you keep them closed all the time? I have a cabinet that I store my tennis racquets, balls, old shoes in. They don't smell good and I used to hang moth balls in them and they do smell awful!

I love the smell of soap bars! I discovered that storing your soap bars in your wardrobe/cabinet actually gives your wardrobe and clothes smelling great! And when you're in need of soap, you can always use them and replace new ones in your wardrobe. I also do the same for my drawers, and my shoe cabinet! I use the antibacterial Dettol soap bars for the shoe cabinets.

If you would like to really use it as a room freshener, you may also scrape them and place it your bowl of potpourri with some nice looking dry flowers. They smell great like a fresh out of the shower fragrance!

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