Sep 13, 2008


These days, there seem to be a lot of Bentos going around in blogs. Everyone is enjoying packing lunch in box the Bento way. Bentos come from the Japanese word Obento or what they call as packed meal very much like many cultures do. It's basically lunch in a lunchbox. Japanese revolutionize bento in a special way. Their meals are well balanced and appealing.

Bento lunches are now very popular in America and other parts of the world. The joy of creating a nice composition of a packed lunch followed by admiration from the peers during lunch time made Bento meals even more promising and gives lots of encouragement.

Some follow a general rule of Bento 321. This number is refered to 3 parts of carbohydrate, 2 parts of vege, 1 part of protein. Sometimes it is alternate as a 4321 with 1 part being a sweet dessert, for kids.

Bento meals are packed without gaps and packed as tight as possible to prevent the food from sliding around and getting all mixed up. Usually little cherries or fruits like grapes are filled into the gaps.

You'll be surprised when you see many people doing Bento artfully. Some Bentos are done in such a creative way that has a theme or picture of animals, cartoon characters and more. Pick up Bento now.

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