Aug 14, 2008


Some newborn parents who just got acquainted with Baby do not know what they should do when Baby cries. It's true Babies are not born with a 'manual' and every baby is individual and has a different personality. But here is an 'easy' checklist that as a new parent, what could be wrong when your little bundle of joy cries.

Babies cry when they are hungry. If the time is scheduled for her milk, this could be the first reason.

Babies tend to pee and poo alot. As many as 7 times a day, or more depending on their diet. When their diaper is dirty, wet or uncomfortable, they do cry.

Yes, Babies need all the loving and assuring that mummy is nearby. They can tell when mummy is in the room or not. They cry for attention.. they want Mummy!

Babies in womb are kept warm so when he or she is out in the world, the feel is different. It helps to bundle them tight in their nappy cloth, just for the security and comfort of warmth.

Babies may swallow air when they cry. These sometimes may cause tummy aches or colic. Sometimes a good rub and pat may help to soothe them down.

The sound from inside the womb and outside is a drastic different. It helps for them to hear 'white' noise like the vacumm buzzing in the background. Or you can turn the radio on too.

So, there you have it, Mummys. This is not a sure answer to your baby's cries but possible checks that you can do when they cry.

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