Aug 2, 2008


If you love surprise, you should get yourself a little surprise in a box. If there is no one to do it for you, you still can get your own box of surprise by going to SomethingStore. Something new and quite innovative, customers pay $10 to get themselves a brown little package of surprise. You may receive anything from an electronic kettle, a new set of shower curtains, jewelery, rare book or even an ipod shuffle. The element of surprise is not known until it reaches you at your doorstep upon receiving this package in a brown box! In its first month of starting this business alone, it sold over 1,000 items! Shipping is free within US, $4.75 in Canada but it is a standard $8.75 for all other international orders.

How about sending someone a little surprise something from Something Store? I wished they allow PayPal orders for international orders.. but they don't. What a disappointment because I was ready to buy a Something!

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sweetpea48 said...

I never heard of such a thing. It sounds interesting!