Aug 30, 2008


As part of saving the world and environment, we should learn about how to save water in our household. Some of the old washing machinese use up a lot of water. The amount can be up to 50 gallons of water for each load you do. Although it makes sense not to spend on a new machine, but you could end ups saving more in the long term. The new machines only use only 11-30 gallons of water. If you need to wash the clothes try to do it at full load or when you have enough for full load. Half loads are wasteful. Soak your dirty linens in a small pail before you wash them so that you don't use the presoaking mode which may take up loads of water and use up electricity.

If you need to water the plants, do it when it is not hot outside as the temperature and wind will reduce evaporation and you may end up watering more. Use the kind of plants that need lesser water. If you need to use sprinklers, limit the timing or use a timer. A hose is better than sprinklers, if you can change.

In the bathroom, take a shower instead of having a bath.

There are many other ways of saving water. Perhaps you might like to share it with me.

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