Aug 13, 2008


Persimmons look a little like a beef tomato, to me. But unlike tomato, persimmon is a fruit high in beta-arotene, Vitamin C and potassium. There are two types of Persimmons - Fuyu and Hachiya. If you love persimmons, you probably have tried the Fuyu versions which are sweet and can be eaten right away. But if you have eaten Hachiya and detest it, you probably have eaten an unriped fruit. The Hachiya needs to be ripen before consumption as it can taste as bitter as several cups of extra strength tea! It has a very high level of tannin and if you have tried a bitter persimmon, you probably will not eat one ever again.

The country that produces the most persimmon is none other than China. Other countries are Brazil, Japan and also Korea. Hachiyas should be handled with care as they are delicate when riped. Refrigerate them and eat them within those few days. The unriped ones can be kept at room temperature until they are ripe. You can place them with a banana or apple in a bag to accelerate it to ripe.

Fuyu persimmons should be firm and yellow orange in colour. They can stay firm up to 3 weeks in room temperature, and then become soft like the delicate Hachiya.

The persimmons peak during the months of October, November, December and January. These are the months where you get the abundants of Persimmons.

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jepunlauee said...

There is one more varierty called "jiro" which is a bit square in shape..the bitter ones you refering about is used as dried persimmons.