Aug 10, 2008


If you love Japanese inspired products you might like to check out this blog that reviews items like kids accessories, cute food picks, tiny forks and spoons, bento lunch pouches, rice moulds, bento belts, silicon dish for bento lunch boxes and more. This site is new so you may not find that many items yet. But I'm sure as time progress, you'll find heaps of items that are just too cute or like that the Japanese word Kawaii. Navigation is simple, straight forward and layout is very simple and uncluttered.

I thought the portable Banana case was unique. I've never seen a banana case before so this is the first time. This blog is a 'widget' by itself, so instead of subscribing to the blog, you might like to copy down the html and paste it in your blog. This way, you can view the items added each time. It is all for your convenience.

The blog that I'm talking about is

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