Aug 14, 2008


Look around you at home. We use many types of Electronic Equipment daily in our lives. From the television, microwave, personal computer, our mobile phone, the refrigerator running and even the radio that we play. How often do you clean these equipment at home. It is important to keep them clean. Some of us prefer not to clean them as often as we do not really know how to go upon doing that.

It is very simple, actually. Always use a soft cloth that wont cause scratches. Isopropyl alcohol is a the best liquid to clean, and not water or lightly soapy water. Do you know why. Because of the alcohol content, the liquid evaporates faster thus your electrical or equipment is not subject to risk of being electrocution nor rust. Oh of course don't forget to unplug from the power point, of course.

Clean out the equipment and make it a regular habit, and it will last you a very very long time.

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