Aug 22, 2008


Do you know that vinegar has many uses? Not only can you use it for cooking, you can use it to clean out the slime in your coffee machine. Yes, no joke.

This is what you can do. You will need white vinegar for it. Pour a quart of white vinegar into the water chamber in your coffee machine. Turn on the coffee machine and let it run a cycle of it as you would do when you are brewing your hot coffee in the morning. The hot vinegar will then flow into your coffee pot. Do the same again, using another quart of vinegar and leave it there for about 15 minutes. Once you have done this, you can throw away the vinegar. And this time, put water as you would brew coffee (minus the coffee of course) and let it run through brewing cycle, twice or three time to clean off the vinegar remains.

There, you are done.

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