Aug 19, 2008


I was looking for ways of cooking potato when I found a recipe that is simple and can be done in 20 minutes! It's called the Beef and Potato Stroganoff and it is really simple and delicious too.

The recipe uses russets and according to the creator, you may use noodles instead of potatoes as an option too. How wonderful. Here is the original recipe.

2 med Russet Potatoes/4 small red potatoes is also fine
350gms Lean Ground Beef
1tsp Salt
pinch of Black Pepper
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can of mushroom (brown fresh mushrooms or button is fine)
Half cup water
2 tbsp Dijon Mustard

Cut the potatoes in half, lengthwise, then slice it into 3cm thickness.
In a microwave safe dish, crumble the gound beef, season with salt and pepper.
Add the soup, mushrooms, water, mustard and potato slices. Stir them well until combined. Cover the lid with cling wrap. Microwave it for 20mins on high. Let it sit for 2 more minutes. Remove and serve.

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