Jul 15, 2008


Berries are a good source of Vitamin C. A cup of strawberries has as much of it as a cup of orange juice so when you need to drink up orange juice for Vitamin C, strawberries are an alternative. Forget boring oranges. What else does Strawberries give you? A little calcium, some folate, magnesium and of course, this yummy attractive fruit has only 53 calories.

Besides strawberries, blueberries also offer a good source of Vitamin C, so why not add more colour to your cereals or yoghurts like strawberries and blueberries for that much deserved morning supplements. Other berry fruits are raspberries that also gives you potassium. Berries contain flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in colourful fruits, and they are antioxidants and protect our cells from oxidative damage, or damage to the cells.

Grab a good dose of yummy berries today.

2 cheers:

Hazel said...

i love eating berries but the price is very expensive

Stewart said...

hmm...i more prefer fresh berries juice
yummy :)