Aug 1, 2008


Mosquitos bring the risk of Dengue fever. The mosquitos that are responsible for these are the female aedes mosquitos. Mosquitos breed in stagnant water that can be found in hidden little grooves as little as a ten cent coin.

Mosquitos love warm bodies.. Those with a higher or warmer body temperature are more prominent to mosquito bites. But there are some ways one can do to prevent this. Instead of using toxic chemicals, there are alternative natural repellant.

Mosquitos dislike garlic. Rubbing some on your exposed skin will help to repel mosquitos. If you are a garlic eater, it works too. It will permeat through your skin from the pores.

This is a good and effective way to prevent mosquito bites. If you can find products like the candle wax, rub some on your skin and allow it to work. Or you can find them in essential oil and rub them on your body. Pulse points that produce heat are the best places.

Vitamin B1If you take a table of these, it releases the odour through your skin. The smell repels mosquitos of course. These would be a good choice if you are holidaying in a country or forest prone area.. take a table of these once a day can help you avoid mosquito bites in your trip.

Lavender, Cinnamon and PeppermintThese plants produce a certain aroma that helps to repel mosquitos. It is helpful to plant them in the garden to prevent mosquitos too. You can also have pots of them in your home in corners that are dark and tend to attract mosquitos.

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