Jul 2, 2008


Steamed Black Chicken is a great way to restore health to a weak body and those who are prone to amnesia. This dish functions as a calming tonic to the spirit and imporves asthenia. It is very popular to traditional chinese folks. When taking these tonic herb, avoid taking foods like carrots, cold drinks, radish in the following day as these properties will render the tonic useless.

3g Ling Zhi
1 Black Bone Chicken drumstick

10g Rice Wine
5g Ginger
15g Spring Onion
Salt to taste

15mls Vegetable Oil

Rinse the ling zhi and chicken drumstick. Cut the chicken into pieces, make sure you remove the skin too. Slice ginger into thick slices. Cut the Spring Onions into 5cm lengths. Place the chicken pieces on a plate or a steamer bowl. add the salt, ginger, spring onions and ling zhi on the top. Steam this for 45 minutes and serve.

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