Jul 29, 2008

Garra Rufa for Foot Spa

A new treatment for skin disease like psoriasis is now booming. There is no toxic medication to apply nor is there any oral to consume. It is by using a species of fresh water fish, by the name of Garra Rufa. This is also known as Doctor Fish. This method had been adopted by the spas in Turkey is now taking the world by storm. It may not be a permanent treatment but there have been some patients whom through consistent treatment have found almost perfect cure.

These fish breeds in freshwater in the river basins in mostly Northern and Central of Middle East like Syria, Iraq, Iran and also Turkey. In other non medical name, it is also called reddish log sucker.

Turkish spas breed these fish in pools and they are fed on the skin of Psoriasis affected patients. These fish are usually been starved to promote the fish habit to eat on the skins of human beings. Therefore, those who are breeding this fish in their home aquarium with regular fish food supply may find their fish not adopting similar habits in the fish spa.

The fish spa is now gaining popularity. The are released in pools and many customers who visit the fish spa gets a treat to have their dead skin been nibbled away by the Garra Rufa and thus have a softer and smoother skin afterwards.

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jack said...

Dr. Fish aka Garrarufa or Chin2 available, min. order 1000 tails.

Worldwide delivery.

Based in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

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