Jul 20, 2008


I have just read about the basic principles of Water Distillation. Before this I really have no idea what it actually meant. Although this information may be just the basic, there may be other methods of explaination which may be the right answer to my understanding here.

Firstly water is an element that exist in 3 different states. It is a liquid, can be as solid and also as vapour. These three states is depended on the temperature it is held. When you place water in 0 degrees C and below, it becomes solid as ice. If you heat it till above 100 degrees, it becomes steam, and when it comes to a boiling point, it turns into vapour. The steam that falls in this state is translates as one method of water purification by distilling.

I also read that you can purify or create your own distilled water using a pot and multiple handles/cover of the pot. All you need is to heat water to a certain degree whereby it boils and starts to create steam. In this scenario, the steam that rises is vapourized and condenses on the lid. Now this is distilled water. If you collect this condensation water into a cup you have home made distilled water. Distillation process remove the water from heavy metals, poison, and even virus and bacteria. Distilled water that has been collected can be drunk directly and do not need any reboil.

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