Jul 9, 2008


I was at a friend's home for dinner when she served Deep Fried Ice Cream for dessert. It was a delightful dessert and quite successfully done. Have you tried making them before? It is actually very simple with few ingredients to use.

This is what you will need -

Vanilla Ice Cream or other flavour if preferred

Corn Flakes

Whipped Cream

Mix together Cinnamon and Sugar (about 4oz each for every scoop of ice cream)
Roll a scoop of ice cream around the cinammon sugar till lightly coated, place it in the freezer to keep it firm.

Crush corn flakes on a pan and roll the vanilla ice cream that was kept in the freezer till coated. Freeze the ice cream ball again for about 2 hours.

Using a deep frying pan, pour oil till it is deep enough to cover the ice cream ball for deep frying. When the oil is heated to about 375 degrees, deepfry the coated ice cream ball for about 5 seconds, lift and drain. Serve with drizzled Honey adn Whipped Cream.

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