Jul 25, 2008

Catechins in Chocolates

At the sight of Chocolates, many women cringe. They love chocolates, just that they worry about the sugar content in it. Well contratry to old traditional beliefs that Chocolates are not good for you, as a matter of fact, Chocolates has Healthy Benefits that you probably didn't know about.

People drink green tea because it contains a chemical that can prevent cancer and heart disease. This chemical is call Catechins. So what about this chemical. Well, you don't have to drink your green tea to get it because Chocolates, especially the dark ones has it. And it has 4x more than what you can get from the Green Tea alone. Specifically dark chocolates contain as much as 53.5mg of catechins for every 100gms. 100mls of a potent black tea contains only 13.9mg of catechins.

So, how about picking up that bar of chocolates now?

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