Jul 16, 2008


Many people are developing health risks with the food they consume. High in fats, sodium are all very bad for us. And alarming rate of heart disease and diabetes can be found in many surveys. How do you know if you are at risk. The first important thing is to calculate your BMI. The BMI readings will determine if you belong to the healthy range or high risk of diseases.

How do you check your Body Mass Index (BMI).
The result of BMI is taking your WEIGHT, and divide it by your (HEIGHT x HEIGHT) (m)

Results/Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes
27.5 and above - High Risk
23 - 27.4 - Moderate Risk
18.5 - 22.9 - Low Risk (healthy range)

So what happens if your BMI falls into the range of 18.5 or less? It means there is a risk of nutritional deficiency diseases and osteoporosis as well.

Take charge of your health now. Reduce your BMI, if you are overweight and increase if you are underweight.

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