Jun 13, 2008


Look at this cute DimSum I took while having a meal with a friend. This is basically similar to the dumpling except that the filling inside was custard. I love the way it was created, like a little porcupine all rolled up when an enemy is present. The custard inside was a little too sweet for me. But it was eye candy so I took this little pic. I wonder if DimSum Chefs would do this for other dumpling fillings. But then, of course that might be too much work involved.

I am looking for a good dumpling recipe. Not the one with the glutinous rice but the DimSum dumpling like Char Siew Pow and similar. What I want is the bread dough. The type that opens up at the top when it is steamed. A friend told me that these type are a mix of two different dough instead of one type. Anyone knows of a good yummy recipe? I love dumpling without fillings!

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Gorgeous Traveller said...

Interesting dimsim!:)