Jun 25, 2008


Remember an article I posted about the Five Flavours of food and it's relation to our organs (zang). Here is a simple article of whereby what each flavour of the food will do the body if too much is taken.

Overly Sour
The skin will become thick and wrinkle. Ailments of the muscles and spleen should avoid foods that are too sour.

Overly Salty
Salty food causes thirst. It thickens the blood. Those who have ailments of this relation (blood and heart) must avoid salty food.

Overly Pungent
Foods like that will cause muscles to get knotted and also nails that are brittle. Those with ailment concerning the respiratory system as well as liver problems are best to avoid such food.

Overly Bitter
Bitter foods that are taken in excess will cause withered skin and loss of hair. If you have ailments of the bones and lungs should avoid bitter food.

Overly Sweet
A common indulgence by many. These in excess causes orthopaedic pains and also loss of hair. If you have ailments of the flesh and kidneys try to avoid sweet food.

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