Jun 5, 2008

Melting Moments

I am going to add this Melting Moments recipe in my blog. I got this recipe from my sis during vacation. She had tried it and said that it is so yummy and melts in your mouth as soon as you pop it in. So I shall be trying it out the next few days. When I have done that, I shall take a picture and post it.

I bought some flour, icing sugar and other baking stuff this afternoon while shopping for grocery. I made sure I have my favourite SCS butter too.

Here is the recipe, so easy to make and no need to knead.

250g butter (softened)
4 tbsp icing sugar sifted
125g cornflour
125g flour

Cream butter and icing sugar till light.
Sift flour, corn flour and mix well
Stir in the dry ingredients to the butter mixture

Pipe out with a large nozzle, or you could use a cookie cutter. This recipe is very delicate so the cookie should be thicker than flat out. You can decorate it with any food decorations or nuts.