Jun 5, 2008


There has been a lot of publicity about the little blue pill and similar medication to arouse one's sexual powers. There had also been an equal cases of those who have bought them without reading what it does and if it affects one's health. It is important for one to consult a medical doctor before one consumes any type of medication be it for his dysfunctions or any other cause.

So what are the natural ways one can actually give a thought to? The Malay or Indonesian Jamu of Tongkat Ali is just one of the natural remedy that has gained popularity.

I found this little magic potent online and if it is natural, it does no harm. If it works, that will be wonderful for some couples but if not, take it as a spa magic.

To increase Sexual Powers

A handful of pink rose leaves
A handful of pink rose petals
Some rosemary leaves
A handful of violets
Two citrus leaves
a pinch of lovage
One vanilla bean

Let all the ingredients dry completely, then crumble and combine. Wrap a handful of the potpourri in a nylon or cheesecloth and drop into a tub of warm bathwater. Soak in the mixture alone or with your partner.

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