Jun 27, 2008


Lately I have been crazy over eating Chinese Steamed Buns. Perhaps it stemmed from the vacation when I brought some back and they tasted just so soft, fluffy and slightly sweet. I love sweet buns indeed.

So I have been on the lookout for Chinese Steamed Buns. I have not found the right one or in fact I have not really tried one yet. So far I have collected a few recipes for those that have been tested and reviewed. I shan't post the recipes up untill I try them myself to see if they are worth putting up.

Chinese Steamed Buns comes in few varieties. Some are used in Dim Sum Dumplings like the Char Siew Pows and some are used with a pink coloured layered skin call the Lotus Steamed Buns. Lotus Steamed Buns are usually used for celebration of Dieties' birthdays and prayers. I have also seen them being distributed on birthday dinners too. Some are plain and some have 'Leng Yong' or Lotus Paste fillings in them. In Penang, these steamed buns are created into tortoise shaped for offerings to Dieties. The other version of steamed buns are eaten with Oriental dishes like the Braised Soya Pork.

Until I get a good and easy recipe.

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