Jun 6, 2008


I have been doing some online research about Kangoo Jump, a shoe that originated from Switzerland. It is a low impact exercise shoes, that is suppose to assist the young and old in creating low impact when jogging or other exercise whilst using it. It is gaining popularity and is safe and suppose to provide many health benefits. So far I've seen the shoe at for rent in the east but I have yet known of someone who actually owns one. It does not come cheap either costing between US$250 to US$350.

Has anyone really tried it? One can have it for pure fun, although it is basically a fitness shoe and helps in athletic training as well. Compared to some shoes that may cause you injury on the high impact when you are running, jumping or jogging, Kangoo Jumps helps to take away these stress and actually reduce the impact by up to 80%. I am very keen to get a pair myself.

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vasilisa said...

I can't believe that there are no kangoo classes in all of LA. I know there are classes in Chicago at Crunch gym, but not in SoCal, apparently. I'd love to get a pair and walk around, but I'd feel too strange jumping through the neighborhood.

Damon and Jeff said...

Kangoo Jumps r just making their way to NYC, I have 3 pair of my own.

Anonymous said...

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Sandy said...

I've been using my Kangoo Jumps for over a year now. From the moment I first put them on, I was hooked. Not only do they make you 8 inches taller. look awesome, and burn almost twice as many calories, they make you happy! I just can't stop grinning from ear to ear when I jump around on them :)
They aren't cheap, but you can get a substantial discount at http://shop.kangoos.info/
Just fill in the promo code: AFF4f75

Have fun bouncing :)