Jun 25, 2008


I get many people and friends asking about the nature of food in chinese context, in the four properties. The four properties of food are Warm, Heaty, Cold or Cooling. This list is not exhaustive and is just a simple guide only.

Warm and Heaty foods
Food that are considered in the above category are good for the mothers during confinement.
Such food helps to build spleen, improves the appetite, nourishes the kidneys as well as nourish the body.

Example of such food:
Mutton, Fresh ginger, Garlic, Carrot, Longan, Pepper, Wine, Rice

Cold and cooling foods
These range of food helps to clear heatiness, and bring down fire and detoxify a person from within. When someone has fever, they usually take more foods of these range to get rid of the heat.

Example of cold/cooling foods
Beancurd, Spinach, Bittergourd, Pear, Green Bean, Barley, Radish

Neutral or foods that are neither warm or cold in nature
These food category are suitable for invalids andconvalescents in general.

Example of neutral foods
Soya Bean, Pork, Carp, Mushroom, Red Bean, Apple

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