Jun 22, 2008


Five Flavours in our sense of taste affects the different organs in our body. This is according to the Chinese studies.

The Five flavours are :- Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter and Sweet

Eating foods in the flavour will benefit but in moderation and not exceed the dosage. These five zang organs work in a balance with each other. One type of food when is eaten in access will only harm our body more. For example, sour food benefits the liver. However indulging in that harms the spleen. When our spleen does not function properly, it affects the kidneys, in turn affect hearts, lungs and the cycle will continue.

Here are the relationships between the 5 flavours and the five organs it is linked to.

Liver (Sour) --> Heart (Bitter) --> Spleen (Sweet) --> Lung (Pungent) --> Kidney (Salty) --> Liver (Sour)

Notice how the 5 taste and relations in organs.
I will post another article about each flavour and how it does harm to the body in another article soon.

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