Jun 7, 2008


Herbs are a great way to flavour your food. I used to grow Thai Basil in pots just outside the balcony. It is very easy to grow. Alongside I also grow mint leaves. Did you know that instead of letting your herbs grow out, you can actually dry them and keep them in a jar? I do that and store them in my fridge and use it whenever I need too. Sometimes I use the fresh ones but I love to crumble the dried ones and keep them in the fridge.

All you need to do is snip your herbs in their stems about 4 to 6 inch long. Best is to gather the herbs in the morning. bunch the stems together and tie it at the stems, leaving the leaves to hang loose.

Dry them in a warm location upside down, away from direct sunlight. The herbs are ready to store if you crumble them between your fingers. Store in clear jars with screw tops. They can be kept up to a year.

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