Jun 16, 2008

The 5 Element and Personalities

In Chinese, each person is born into different time of the day and has a different personality. They are also divided into the 5 elemental personalities :-

1 Fire
2 Metal
3 Earth
4 Wood
5 Water

Some chinese fengshui or fortune teller claimed to be able to read a person by his or her appearance. Some can be very true. Here are the characteristics and appearance that is dominant in a person for each element.

Fire Element
He is a quick worker and able to take stress well. A capable person and thinks little of money.
Appearance is Ruddy complexion, thin face, small head and also hands and feet that are small.

Metal Element
One who is quiet yet active. A shrewd worker and honest.
He looks pale in complexion has a squarish face, a small head, shoulders and his abdomen is small.

Earth Element
This person is trustworthy, and always keeps his emotions in check. He is also a helpful person.
His appearance is yellowish in complexion, has a round face, big head, thick shoulder and back. He usually has a large abdomen with small hands and small feet.

Wood Element
Those belong to this element is talented and intelligent, melancholic and he acts with motives.
He looks pale, has a long face with a small head. Broad shoulders and back and has small hands and feet.

Water Element
The characteristics are active and indecisive.
Looks are dark in complexion has a big head, small shoulder and large abdomen

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