Jun 27, 2008


I received this Fun Tag from Liza. Thanks Liza! I hope there are no previous tags that I have missed prior to this one.. It is fun, this tag.

Participants: 1. Me and Mine 2. Creative in Me 3. Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. Supermodel Wannabe 7. FunFierceFaboulous 8. A Sweet Taste of Life 9. My Simple Joys 10. In This Game of Life 11. Scribbles of My Life 12. angel's heaven 13. In Depth 14. My Adventure Treasure Simple Living,15 Live Love Life, 16. Life and Me 17. Mommy's Little Corner 18. Caramel Corn 19. Add your url here

* First real job: Graphic Artist in a Typesetting Company.
* First screen name: Tzetze (CC or ZZ as what some calls me, but then it is also a name for a fly).
* First funeral: My Maternal Granny.
* First pet: Dog named Lucky.
* First piercing: My ears.
* First tattoo: None.
* First credit card: MBF.
* First kiss: Under a Bridge
* First enemy: A boy in my neighbourhood. He was such a pest.
* Last car ride: An hour ago, fetching my girl from nursery.
* Last kiss: Secret Boyfriend, wakakaka.

Invite my blogger friends who thinks this is fun to put up on their blogs, please help yourself. It is fun, really!


Lately I have been crazy over eating Chinese Steamed Buns. Perhaps it stemmed from the vacation when I brought some back and they tasted just so soft, fluffy and slightly sweet. I love sweet buns indeed.

So I have been on the lookout for Chinese Steamed Buns. I have not found the right one or in fact I have not really tried one yet. So far I have collected a few recipes for those that have been tested and reviewed. I shan't post the recipes up untill I try them myself to see if they are worth putting up.

Chinese Steamed Buns comes in few varieties. Some are used in Dim Sum Dumplings like the Char Siew Pows and some are used with a pink coloured layered skin call the Lotus Steamed Buns. Lotus Steamed Buns are usually used for celebration of Dieties' birthdays and prayers. I have also seen them being distributed on birthday dinners too. Some are plain and some have 'Leng Yong' or Lotus Paste fillings in them. In Penang, these steamed buns are created into tortoise shaped for offerings to Dieties. The other version of steamed buns are eaten with Oriental dishes like the Braised Soya Pork.

Until I get a good and easy recipe.

Jun 26, 2008


I've finally found a nice crispy cookie recipe that my kids just love. This recipe, originally meant to be Oat Cookies, was tweaked and replaced with Nestum cereals. I have an unopened tin of cereal and also another half opened one. Since no ones seemed to be in favour of eating Nestum cereals lately, my sis suggested to use them for other purpose in either cooking or baking.

I sourced for recipes and found this easy recipe even a small kid can make. Here are the ingredients you will need.

180gms Margarine, melted double boiler and leave to cool
2 cups of Nestum Cereal
1 1/4 cups Self Raising Flour
1/2 cup of caster sugar
1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 egg, beaten lightly

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients together, preferably the cereal and chocolate chips last. Mix them untill well coated. Using a spoon, scoop a dollop of the mixture and place them on a greased and lined tray, not too close as it will still raise slightly in size when baked).

Bake at 180 degree C about 20 mins or untill golden brown.

When cooled, keep them in air tight containers.

Jun 25, 2008


I get many people and friends asking about the nature of food in chinese context, in the four properties. The four properties of food are Warm, Heaty, Cold or Cooling. This list is not exhaustive and is just a simple guide only.

Warm and Heaty foods
Food that are considered in the above category are good for the mothers during confinement.
Such food helps to build spleen, improves the appetite, nourishes the kidneys as well as nourish the body.

Example of such food:
Mutton, Fresh ginger, Garlic, Carrot, Longan, Pepper, Wine, Rice

Cold and cooling foods
These range of food helps to clear heatiness, and bring down fire and detoxify a person from within. When someone has fever, they usually take more foods of these range to get rid of the heat.

Example of cold/cooling foods
Beancurd, Spinach, Bittergourd, Pear, Green Bean, Barley, Radish

Neutral or foods that are neither warm or cold in nature
These food category are suitable for invalids andconvalescents in general.

Example of neutral foods
Soya Bean, Pork, Carp, Mushroom, Red Bean, Apple


Remember an article I posted about the Five Flavours of food and it's relation to our organs (zang). Here is a simple article of whereby what each flavour of the food will do the body if too much is taken.

Overly Sour
The skin will become thick and wrinkle. Ailments of the muscles and spleen should avoid foods that are too sour.

Overly Salty
Salty food causes thirst. It thickens the blood. Those who have ailments of this relation (blood and heart) must avoid salty food.

Overly Pungent
Foods like that will cause muscles to get knotted and also nails that are brittle. Those with ailment concerning the respiratory system as well as liver problems are best to avoid such food.

Overly Bitter
Bitter foods that are taken in excess will cause withered skin and loss of hair. If you have ailments of the bones and lungs should avoid bitter food.

Overly Sweet
A common indulgence by many. These in excess causes orthopaedic pains and also loss of hair. If you have ailments of the flesh and kidneys try to avoid sweet food.

Jun 22, 2008


Five Flavours in our sense of taste affects the different organs in our body. This is according to the Chinese studies.

The Five flavours are :- Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter and Sweet

Eating foods in the flavour will benefit but in moderation and not exceed the dosage. These five zang organs work in a balance with each other. One type of food when is eaten in access will only harm our body more. For example, sour food benefits the liver. However indulging in that harms the spleen. When our spleen does not function properly, it affects the kidneys, in turn affect hearts, lungs and the cycle will continue.

Here are the relationships between the 5 flavours and the five organs it is linked to.

Liver (Sour) --> Heart (Bitter) --> Spleen (Sweet) --> Lung (Pungent) --> Kidney (Salty) --> Liver (Sour)

Notice how the 5 taste and relations in organs.
I will post another article about each flavour and how it does harm to the body in another article soon.

Jun 16, 2008

The 5 Element and Personalities

In Chinese, each person is born into different time of the day and has a different personality. They are also divided into the 5 elemental personalities :-

1 Fire
2 Metal
3 Earth
4 Wood
5 Water

Some chinese fengshui or fortune teller claimed to be able to read a person by his or her appearance. Some can be very true. Here are the characteristics and appearance that is dominant in a person for each element.

Fire Element
He is a quick worker and able to take stress well. A capable person and thinks little of money.
Appearance is Ruddy complexion, thin face, small head and also hands and feet that are small.

Metal Element
One who is quiet yet active. A shrewd worker and honest.
He looks pale in complexion has a squarish face, a small head, shoulders and his abdomen is small.

Earth Element
This person is trustworthy, and always keeps his emotions in check. He is also a helpful person.
His appearance is yellowish in complexion, has a round face, big head, thick shoulder and back. He usually has a large abdomen with small hands and small feet.

Wood Element
Those belong to this element is talented and intelligent, melancholic and he acts with motives.
He looks pale, has a long face with a small head. Broad shoulders and back and has small hands and feet.

Water Element
The characteristics are active and indecisive.
Looks are dark in complexion has a big head, small shoulder and large abdomen

Jun 13, 2008


Look at this cute DimSum I took while having a meal with a friend. This is basically similar to the dumpling except that the filling inside was custard. I love the way it was created, like a little porcupine all rolled up when an enemy is present. The custard inside was a little too sweet for me. But it was eye candy so I took this little pic. I wonder if DimSum Chefs would do this for other dumpling fillings. But then, of course that might be too much work involved.

I am looking for a good dumpling recipe. Not the one with the glutinous rice but the DimSum dumpling like Char Siew Pow and similar. What I want is the bread dough. The type that opens up at the top when it is steamed. A friend told me that these type are a mix of two different dough instead of one type. Anyone knows of a good yummy recipe? I love dumpling without fillings!

Jun 9, 2008


I would like to place this tag on my post to promote awareness of the Breast Cancer month to all my blogger friends. I have known several acquaintances in my life who lived the lives of being a survivor. Sometimes we live not knowing the victims well until they have passed on. Such was the case with my neighbor whom most of the neighborhood kids thought of as an impatient lady who would scold the children at the least noise they made. Little did we know how much she was suffering until the day when the ambulance came. I really felt so sorry for her and I think perhaps if we were aware of her situation, a little kindness from everyone would make her remaining months more meaningful. Some of these victims prefer to keep their conditions private.

Some of these survivors have done their part by helping out themselves to other victims by showing support and advice.

You can help the lives of many women by spreading the word about The Breast Cancer Site and by clicking the pink button as many times as you can. If The Breast Cancer Site receives 8 million clicks on the pink button in June, their premier sponsor -Bare Necessities- will donate $10,000 for more free mammograms.You'll be helping to save someone's mother, daughter, sister and friend. So please join me in the spreading the word about this cause in the blogging community.

Please help to tag your friends and also click on the pink button.

Jun 7, 2008


Herbs are a great way to flavour your food. I used to grow Thai Basil in pots just outside the balcony. It is very easy to grow. Alongside I also grow mint leaves. Did you know that instead of letting your herbs grow out, you can actually dry them and keep them in a jar? I do that and store them in my fridge and use it whenever I need too. Sometimes I use the fresh ones but I love to crumble the dried ones and keep them in the fridge.

All you need to do is snip your herbs in their stems about 4 to 6 inch long. Best is to gather the herbs in the morning. bunch the stems together and tie it at the stems, leaving the leaves to hang loose.

Dry them in a warm location upside down, away from direct sunlight. The herbs are ready to store if you crumble them between your fingers. Store in clear jars with screw tops. They can be kept up to a year.

Jun 6, 2008


I have been doing some online research about Kangoo Jump, a shoe that originated from Switzerland. It is a low impact exercise shoes, that is suppose to assist the young and old in creating low impact when jogging or other exercise whilst using it. It is gaining popularity and is safe and suppose to provide many health benefits. So far I've seen the shoe at for rent in the east but I have yet known of someone who actually owns one. It does not come cheap either costing between US$250 to US$350.

Has anyone really tried it? One can have it for pure fun, although it is basically a fitness shoe and helps in athletic training as well. Compared to some shoes that may cause you injury on the high impact when you are running, jumping or jogging, Kangoo Jumps helps to take away these stress and actually reduce the impact by up to 80%. I am very keen to get a pair myself.

Jun 5, 2008

Melting Moments

I am going to add this Melting Moments recipe in my blog. I got this recipe from my sis during vacation. She had tried it and said that it is so yummy and melts in your mouth as soon as you pop it in. So I shall be trying it out the next few days. When I have done that, I shall take a picture and post it.

I bought some flour, icing sugar and other baking stuff this afternoon while shopping for grocery. I made sure I have my favourite SCS butter too.

Here is the recipe, so easy to make and no need to knead.

250g butter (softened)
4 tbsp icing sugar sifted
125g cornflour
125g flour

Cream butter and icing sugar till light.
Sift flour, corn flour and mix well
Stir in the dry ingredients to the butter mixture

Pipe out with a large nozzle, or you could use a cookie cutter. This recipe is very delicate so the cookie should be thicker than flat out. You can decorate it with any food decorations or nuts.


There has been a lot of publicity about the little blue pill and similar medication to arouse one's sexual powers. There had also been an equal cases of those who have bought them without reading what it does and if it affects one's health. It is important for one to consult a medical doctor before one consumes any type of medication be it for his dysfunctions or any other cause.

So what are the natural ways one can actually give a thought to? The Malay or Indonesian Jamu of Tongkat Ali is just one of the natural remedy that has gained popularity.

I found this little magic potent online and if it is natural, it does no harm. If it works, that will be wonderful for some couples but if not, take it as a spa magic.

To increase Sexual Powers

A handful of pink rose leaves
A handful of pink rose petals
Some rosemary leaves
A handful of violets
Two citrus leaves
a pinch of lovage
One vanilla bean

Let all the ingredients dry completely, then crumble and combine. Wrap a handful of the potpourri in a nylon or cheesecloth and drop into a tub of warm bathwater. Soak in the mixture alone or with your partner.

Jun 3, 2008

10 Things About Yourself

Got a tag from Tricia. Sorry this is so late. I was away for the last 10 days so didn't do any blogging except for scheduled posts that I left with.

Anyway, I hope I haven't missed any other tag besides this one..

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 10 people to get tagged and list their breads.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.Here goes ...

1. I love cooking and baking but I am just fearful of oil splats and heat.
2. I hated the colour Red when I was young. I was more of a Blue person. But now, I love Red and Pink and don't take a second glimpse at anything blue
3. I love animals
4. I love to watch soppy dramas and family dramas too.
5. Hey Tricia, I used to be an avid Michael Jackson fan too... those were the days. I'd do nothing but daydream in class about my idol.
7. I love reading novels but I could hardly finish anything I pick up in the last 5 years. Virginia Andrews and Sidney Sheldon were my faves in 80s!
8. I believe in God, only thing is, I am still waiting for my calling for a direction
9. I love Ice Cream so much that nowadays I only eat them when my kids are asleep... lol
10.I haven't been to a cinema as often as while courting days since my eldest was born. She is 8 now. I did watch two or three shows in between, that's all!

Now I'd like to tag Liza, Marie, Hazel, Sophiagurl, Taugeh, TauSarPneah, Nyumix, and Jo-N

Tell me 10 lovely things about yourself, dears!