May 7, 2008

SocialSpark is Now Live

There is so much buzz about a new social marketing network. It is SocialSpark. Owned by IZEA, it is a networking website plus money making opportunity for bloggers. IZEA launched this for weeks and is now totally live and open to everyone who thinks he or she would like to increase their network marketing and earn some money as well.

All you need to do is to register with SocialSpark, enter your blog details and pretty soon you can get started knowing new friends and sending messages. Many bloggers have already registered with SocialSpark and you can browze through the blogs and view their ranks and traffic information. Prop them on their profile and blogs and send messages. A registered blogger or advertiser get their own message inbox and easy navigation process to manage his account. Add as many blogs as you like. You can view the many opportunities from the advertisers who placed their ads looking for bloggers to write for them. You can also register as an advertiser and get other bloggers to write for you and increase your traffic as well. My registered profile with SocialSparks is simply Cara. Here you can view all the opportunities I have done, the advertisers as well as my friends. I really like the look of this social network website. It may seemed confusing on the first day but after some exploration I understood how it worked.

This is where advertisers and bloggers get to interact with each other and understand each other's requirements. This way, an advertiser can even put you in their list of favourable blogger and increase your chance of more paid posts from them.

Join SocialSpark now and be part of the family. Social Networking, Money Making and Marketing Program. All built into one. Brilliant.

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