May 16, 2008


I enjoy Lambs especially Lamb Chops. If cooked just right, it taste heavenly. If overcooked or using the wrong cut the meat may turned out tough and rubbery. This is an easy recipe for those who would like to try using the oven instead of the grilling pan on stove top. I call it the Oriental Lamb Chop.

300g Lamb Chops
Roasted Sesame Seed (optional)

25g Minced Garlic
1tsp Chopped Rosemary
1tsp Chilly Powder or Paprika (according to your level of spiciness)
10g Pepper
20g Wine
1tsp Minced Lemon Grass
1tsp Fish Sauce

Rince the lamb chop. Mix the Marinade above and apply it on to the lamb chops. Keep in the fridge for about 2 hours. In a wok, saute the lamb quickly till you get a nice fragrant smell. Remove it and place the sealed Lamb Chops on a baking tray, glazed with little oil. U may like to use aluminium foil for easy cleaning. Preheat the oven at 180deg C. Grill the chops for about 10-15 mins on each side. Increase oven heat to about 200deg C at the second part then turn and grill another 7mins. Sprinkle with some sesame seed (optional) Serve with potato wedges and some blanched vegetables.

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