May 5, 2008


Pinatas, traditionally was believed to be used by Mexicans Indians as a way to depict their idols or to worship their gods. As time goes by, these 'idols' become a highlight in their festivals, called LaPossada. When the Spanish discovered Mexico later, it became such a popular item that it was sent to Spain and Portugal and thus is now something that becomes a big hit at parties.

How does one make a Pinata? Ready made Pinatas are hand made and meticulously painted and is an art themselves. If you would like to make your own Pinata, it would save you alot of money and will also be the talk of the party too.

To make a Pinata:

You will need newspaper, torn into thick wide strips.
Water based glue
A balloon
Paint and lots of crepes or colour papers

Begin by inflating the balloon and tie a knot. Soak the strips of newspaper in a small bucket of water. Paste the strips on the balloon covering the balloon. Do a vertical then horizontal layering to get a thicker secure later. In between the strips, paint a layer of glue so that when it is dried the strips of the paper will be stuck on to each other securely. Dry the paper after you have pasted at least 10 layears of paper on the balloon. When it is dried, pop the balloon with a pin. There should be a hole where the balloon knot is. Keep this hole open for filling of the sweets later on.

You are ready to paint your pinata or dress it up with lots of papers, ribbons or create patterns on it. When the artwork is complete and dry, poke some holes near the opening for you to tie a string around it for hanging purpose. Next, fill the balloon with sweets, candies and and cover the whole by pasting a small piece of cardboard securely.

Have fun hitting the pinata!

I found a very good site on making pinatas. Tips and how to avoid some mistakes too. Here is his site.

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