May 8, 2008


I love beef. When I go to a restaurant I like to order steaks at medium done. Depending on my mood only I'll go for medium rare. I just feel squemish dealing with meats that are raw, so I like mine medium.

There are many ways to cooking steak. Medum Rare steaks take about 2mins to 4mins depending how hot is the pan. Medium will take about 4mins to 6mins. Steaks are preferably turned only once. If you like to have your steaks well done, the most you can go is 7mins. For well done steaks cook them initially with a bigger flame for 2 mins, then reduce the flame for the rest of the 5mins. It works for me. But depending on the quality of the cut of the beef and the type of beef you are using, each result may still vary. I love the US Corn Fed beef which are very good. The Australian ones are not too bad but may be slightly tough. A lot also has to do with the diet of the cow.

Marination is very simple for steak. On a freshly bought air flown steak salt and pepper is the best to get the best beef flavour. Sometimes one can add some garlic powder or rub some crushed garlic on each sides just before grilling.

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