May 6, 2008


Chopsticks = Kuai Zi - See Chinese Characters. Did you know that Chopsticks were being developed from as long as over 5000 years ago, in China. During that time, the early man usually uses sticks or branches that were broken from trees. It was being used for the retriving of food from the blazing fire. When man become more resourceful, they use rocks that have been sharpened like a knife to cut the food into smaller pieces since it cook faster and they could save some parts or the meat for later. Using sticks on smaller pieces of food made handling meat easier and these were the utensil that had evolved into 'chopsticks'.

Chopsticks (Kuai Zi) become the prominent cutlery on the dining table because the ancient philosopher's teachings disapprove of having a knife on the table as it depicts something dishonorable and is a sign of violence and aggression.

Chopsticks had spread onto other countries by 500 A.D. such as Korea, Vietnam and also Japan. Japanese chopsticks gain popularity and they originally resembled 'tweezers' with two pieces joined together at the top end. By 10th Century, these chopsticks become two pieces. Japanese chopsticks are shorter (about 7-8 inches) compared to Chinese chopsticks (9-10 inches)

In Chinese taboo practise, it is unlucky to use a pair of chopsticks that are of different length. Some believe that one will be missing out on the next transportation he or she planned to be on. Also, my grandmother used to say that it is bad luck to drop your chopsticks...

"The honorable and upright man keeps well away from both the slaughterhouse and the kitchen. And he allows no knives on his table."
Quotable quote by Confucius

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