May 6, 2008


Many a times, people think that boiling an egg is very simple. Well it is, if you get your timing right. One can have hard boiled egg, soft boiled or in between. There are different methods to boiling an egg.

Here is a simple way to tell if your egg is hard boiled or not.

Place the egg on the countertop. Let it lay on it's side. Try to spin the egg and look at the egg closely. How does it spin? Does it wobble and stop? If it wobbles, you egg is not hard boiled. A hard boiled egg will spin freely. So there, you have it.

There is this other method, which may be fun to try out. If you are able to pick the egg using a pair of chopsticks, your eggs are hard boiled.

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Dr. Anuj Aggarwal said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

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