May 5, 2008



Unrated and Uncut. But definitely not for those under 16 years of age. This movie certainly will make many movie goers sit up and start tongues wagging. Frontier(s) is a horror movie that will be screened in the theaters from May 9th. Creepy, scary, grissling horror flick, definitely will make your skin crawl. If you have no guts to catch it in the cinema, you can wait for the release of the DVD version set to be released on May 13th.

Writer-director Xavier Gens managed to put all other horror films to shame. An After Dark film, this was originally meant to be released as one of the horror fest lineup in 2007, however got a NC-17 rating due to it's gory and bloody scenes. This movie shows some creepy scenes, tense situations, gore and grisly bloodshed that will keep you on the alert and cringing.

The movie is set in a France political era whereby riots and looters take advantage of protest session of a hated political figure in the city. These group of looters seek hideout from an old inn after being hunted by the police. Thought to be safe from the long arm of the law, they find themselves trapped in the inn by a group of neo-Nazi cannibals that started to hunt them down for their feasty killings.

Not to be missed, if you have a penchant for gory, horror flick. Make a date to watch with a friend and select theater listings.

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