May 5, 2008


Get ready for a movie that will change the way you look at horror and suspense. I was watching the trailer for Frontier(s), a new Horror movie set to be released on May 9th. The DVD version will be released several days later.

A story about a group of men and a woman, who are crooks. An unsuccessful heist sent them fleeing from the cops and ended up hiding in an old looking shabby hostel. Certainly not the very best place to be because this building is no ordinary hostel. It belongs to a family of neo-Nazi cannibals who finds their visit a dream come true for their gory fetish feasts. Trapped and no where to run, these group of robbers find themselves being tortured and frightened out of their wits and horrified by the cannibalistic acts.

The trailer shows some scarey scenes from the movie, and the sound effects filled with unnerving stomps got my heart beating very fast. Guaranteed to make you cringe with fear and set a new record for most horrific film of the year. This French horror film is written and directored by Xavior Gens is literally laced with so much gory, bloodshed and violence. Not suitable for those under 17. This movie earned its NC-17 due to it's extreme violence and brutal scenes.

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