May 6, 2008



If you are one who favours fashion and comfort, you would definitely be breathing Dockers. Since it's first inception for its first Khaki pants, it became such a big statement among many fashion models, actors and practically the whole broad range of consumers across the globe. Now that it has gotten everyone asking for more and even how many fashion conscious brandings are all following suit the 'Khaki' concept, nothing beats the original Dockers for it's comfort and style.

Take for example Actress and Fashion Icon, Sarah Jessica Parker. She had donned the concept of wearing a full outfit in khaki in a broadway song, "Enjoy Being A Girl" in 2005. With that take, you see many women in all ages and size scrambling for fashion stores looking for khaki outfits. The khaki trend proved to be such a good all rounder colour, one that can be used for Elegance, Smart Casual, Fun and I just love the natural combination of it with other colours. Check how the new season or new look that Dockers has created in their simple website. If you wish to give a gift of Dockers apparel to a close one, a gift certificate will be a wonderful start. Make that special gift to your loved one now. You never go wrong with a Dockers.

How about putting your own thinking hat and conceive how you would have a 30 second commercial for Dockers. If you find your video being voted in the Dockers contest, you might find your winning video being aired in the ever popular The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Watch how other contestants have submited their videos and if you think you can do better, grab this chance now! All you need to do is grab your webcam now and get started. Read the contest rules to make sure you fall into the category of 18 years of age or older. The contest started last month April 29, 2007 and will close for submission at 11:59:59 PM EDT on May 29, 2008. Submit earlier so that more people can watch your creative video and you will benefit more votes.

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